Reach a global market with your app

LocalizationKit provides realtime localization distribution which you can update and modify without resubmitting, recompiling or deploying update.

Localize Now

Welcome to LocalizationKit, the premier internationalization and localization delivery platform for apps. Making your great applications work for the world, by providing their natural language interface. LocalizationKit offers great features that make it applicable to enterprise and consumer facing applications. We reduce the costs of localization removing the developer modificiation cycles to make what should be minor tweaks. So if you are building an app for business or an app for everyone LocalizationKit should be part of your standard app development toolbox.


You can enter localization text into the portal an it will appear in app as you type across all devices. Meaning that you can use the speed of another device or machine to manipulate the untouched App experience you want.

Instant Deployment

With other internationalization changes you need to push an update out to make the changes available, however with LocalizationKit changes can be pushed without recompile, developer coding or  resubmission.

Global Availablity

We support the widest range of languages available so you never need to worry about localization support because we have you covered.