Localize your app with LocalizationKit

Powerful tool to localize your app in as many languages as you want.

Manage App Languages and Strings Online

Easy to use tools to add, manage and update localizations with the ability to release instantly without recompile.

Easy to integrate and localize your app

Localize your in a matter of minutes with LocalizationKit. The new standard of localization tools.

Get your app to the world

Open up to the entire world market with your localized app.
The premier internationalization and localization delivery platform for apps. Making your great applications work for the world, by providing their natural language interface. LocalizationKit offers great features that make it applicable to enterprise and consumer facing applications. We reduce the costs of localization removing the developer modificiation cycles to make what should be minor tweaks. So if you are building an app for business or an app for everyone LocalizationKit should be part of your standard app development toolbox.


You can enter localization text into the portal an it will appear in app as you type across all devices. Meaning that you can use the speed of another device or machine to manipulate the untouched App experience you want.

Instant Deployment

With other internationalization changes you need to push an update out to make the changes available, however with LocalizationKit changes can be pushed without recompile, developer coding or  resubmission.

Global Availablity

We support the widest range of languages available so you never need to worry about localization support because we have you covered.


Powerful translation tool to make internationalising and localizing your app.

Make your app Global

Integral app components that make your app’s internationalization look professional and quicker to deliver.

Easy to Integrate

Easy to use SDKs and components so you can get your app available to the world today. Go to developer page

LocalizationKit is an amazing tool. I will use this app as part of my standard app toolkit so every app I build is ready for everyone.

Senior iOS Developer

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Launch of LocalizationKit Javascript Library

Now you can use Localizationkit with javascript for your nodejs or web pages. Currently it only supports the leverage of the strings within the page, but we are working on the live update and adding strings back to LocalizationKit Services. Also we plan to provide...

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SDK 2.0.0 Released – Inline App Localization

To help localize your app even quicker than before we have put in the new localization capabilities of inline editing. This can be done simply by installing the latest version of the SDK and then setting Localization.allowInlineEdit = true before your screen elements...

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